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Seoul Olympic Museum

An invitation to the world of culture & arts in the Olympic Park

Olympic Museum

Great adventure to the spirit of the Olympics
The Seoul Olympic Museum lets you feel the marvelous inspiration and confidence from the 1988 Seoul Olympics through various exhibits of its achievement.
The Seoul Olympic Museum systemically archives and exhibits commemorative items while preserving the achievements of the Seoul Olympic Games. It also functions as an educational place for young students to experience the glory of the Seoul Olympics.

Moreover, apart from the observation of exhibits at the Seoul Olympic Museum, students can combine educational experience and cultural activities as a venue for excursions, sketch contests, composition contests etc. Short films such as ‘Ride Fantasy Seoul Olympics’, ‘Soldiers of Dawn’ etc. are available in the video room.

Olympic Museum Floor Details

Olympic Museum Floor Details
Floor Facilities Exhibit Details Scale(㎡)
Total 5,845㎡ (Incl. Public Area) 4,504
Floor 1 Lobby Symbolic Sculpture : Rising Dragon of Asia
Special Exhibition Room Special Collections on Olympics and Sports 1,441
place of peace History of the Olympics, Heroes of Olympics
Floor 2 place of Harmony Process of hosting Olympics, commemorative items
Place of Prosperity Seoul Olympics Achievements, International Memorabilia 1,500
Place of Hope Korea Sports History, International Memorabilia
Place of Video Free Show Room, Simulation, Ride Screening Room 499
Underground Level Sports Simulation Room Computer Sports Games 304