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SOMA Museum of Art

An invitation to the world of culture & arts in the Olympic Park

SOMA Museum of Art

One of the 5 greatest sculpture parks in the world
SOMA Museum of Art: the popularity-oriented cultural place for the civic improvement in arts.
As one of the Top 5 sculpture parks in the world, the Seoul Olympics Museum of Art is increasing the educational value of the Olympic Park through culture popularization, promotion of domestic & international development in sculpture art and creation of a sculpture attraction. Moreover, the Museum of Art offers film screenings and various high standard educational programs.

SOMA Museum of Art Details

소마미술관 현황
Facilities Details Scale (㎡)
Total 3,560㎡ (Incl. Public Place) 1,428
Exhibit Rooms (1-5) Special & Permanent Exhibitions 743.8
Video Art Hall Video Artworks of Nam June Paik 205
Art Shop Museum Artworks, Souvenirs, Memorabilia 49.5
Conference Hall Seminars, Conferences, Events 198.3
Studio Arts Academy, Kids Educational Programs 231.4