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General Information

The green oasis in the heart of the city, the Olympic Park

Resting & Relaxing in the green - The oasis in the heart of the city for your health and inspiration on your mind

  • Olympic Park Information
    Olympic Park Information
    Facilities Note
    Location 424, Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul
    Opening Season Year-round
    Park Entrance Hours
    • Walking/Bicycle : 05:00 ~ 22:00 (~24:00 for Squares)
    • Car : 06:00 ~ 22:00
      ※ For safety reasons, any entrance to all park property is NOT allowed except Peace Square and Meeting Square after 22:00.
    Admission Fee Free
    Parking Fee Parking Info Quick Link
  • Olympic Park Etiquette
    • Smoking is prohibited throughout the Olympic Park
    • Please be considerate of other visitors and avoid the behaviors including :
      Screaming, Sleeping, Violent behavior, Damage on the grass/flower garden, Wearing roller shoes, Etc.
    • Advance permission is required for photography, video recording for the commercial purpose.(Enquiries: 02-2180-3572~3)
    • Please observe the speed limit for bicycles and inline skates which are prohibited in the strolling/jogging lanes.
    • Please do not pick up the natural fruit in the park in preservation of wildlife.
    • All dogs should be on leash and prepared with muzzles and waste bags for hygiene and safety matters.
  • Conservancy Contacts
    Conservancy Contacts
    Facilities Note
    Info Center
    Peace Square
    Park Management Team 02)2180-3564
    Info Center
    Meeting Square/East Gate 1
    Park Management Team 02)2180-3566
    • Please put the litter using official disposal bags to the designated area.
      • No official disposal bags are required in case of taking litter away with you.
      • For negligence, fines will be imposed pursuant to Article 23, Attached Table 4 of Seoul Metropolitan Government Ordinance on Urban Parks.
    • Any kind of religious gatherings and profitable act for particular organizations are NOT allowed in the park.
    • Cooking inside the park is prohibited.
    • Damaging on trees, lighting of fires and parking on non-designated area are strictly NOT allowed.
    • Making loud noise, including using amps or karaoke machines, is prohibited.