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Logo & Mascot

The Olympic Park is a venue of civic sports, culture, and leisure where the 1988 Seoul Olympics continues to live on.

  • Symbolmark
  • OLYMPIC PARK PI Symbolmark
  • PI(Park Identity) means a natural recreational park in a city that exposes its unique identity.
    The PI symbol at the Olympic Park is derived from the Hangeul consonant ‘ㅇ’ and it is easy for marketing -- AISIS that promotes the park stands for attention, interest, search, action, share. It also features geographical features of the park with the logo in Hunminjeongeum (Korean script) and expresses various images of the park with layered GREEN and BLUE color.
  • Signature
  • OLYMPIC PARK PI Signature
  • The signature of the Olympic park PI is a reasonable combination of a symbol and logo, and an effective means to promote the Olympic park both at home and abroad. There are vertical and horizontal versions and in Korean, English and both. It requires close supervision to use them correctly without any change. The phrase ‘SEOUL 1988' that signifies the symbol, logo and the historical identity should be used consistently by the determined proportion.
  • Color system
  • Five colors of GREEN and two colors of BLUE are used that best represent the natural aspect of a park.
    • SHS 2060-G80Y
      C30 / M5 / Y100 / K0
      R191 / G205 / B49
    • SHS 2050-G20Y
      C60 / M0 / Y80 / K0
      R109 / G192 / B103
    • SHS 3040-G20Y
      C70 / M0 / Y100 / K0
      R80 / G184 / B72
    • SHS 3060-G10Y
      C80 / M0 / Y90 / K0
      R0 / G178 / B89
    • SHS 5040-G20Y
      C80 / M30 / Y70 / K15
      R51 / G124 / B97
    • SHS 1030-B
      C55 / M0 / Y10 / K0
      R99 / G202 / B225
    • SHS 1040-B
      C65 / M0 / Y10 / K0
      R52 / G195 / B224
  • Olympic Park Mascot Character

    OP, a mascot of the Olympic Park, plays a role as a bridge between the park and citizens and gives images of warmth and kindness of the Olympic Park.