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Vision and Future

The Olympic Park is a venue of civic sports, culture, and leisure where the 1988 Seoul Olympics continues to live on.

The peaceful green place where all life lives together
KSPO (Korea Sports Promotion Foundation) sets up the long-term plan regarding environmental projects of preservation and restoration. With all of that, the Olympic Park will be a multifunctional eco-park where all life lives together.
  • The new platform of ecology management setup will include an eco-monitoring system and the adoption of regional sabbatical terms for nature.
  • With the development of gradual ecological plans focused on biodiversity maintenance and conservation, the sustainable maintenance system will be conducted in an environment-friendly way. Above all, we will establish the feasible goal of better water quality through various eco-friendly methods over Mongchon Moat and 88 Lake, which have a significant number of ecological elements.
  • The eco-educational programs utilizing the observation deck , info posts and indoor eco-experience classes will be set up. Once completing the current status research on eco resources, the Olympic Park will publish a flora and fauna map of the park and be formed as the epitome of all eco-parks.